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We stand firm behind our combined experience in business, and over 30 years of experience in sustainable development and community collaboration. Our efforts have directly helped in the generation of over 1.5 GWs in Solar PV (equivalent to powering over 200,000 homes) and we have no plans in slowing down. With our projects ranging from 100 KW to 1 GW, we can help you no matter the place or size.

Private, Residential, Commercial, Non-profit, and More

At no cost – the Sustainability Advisors (SAC) secret sauce for helping municipalities, townships, counties, universities, public & private schools, prisons, and hospitals, stem from our foundational collaborative nature. With over 100 years of combined experience of working side by side with various Boards, Councils, and Committees through numerous Town Managers, Facility Directors, and CFOs; Sustainability Advisors created a process to eliminate a majority of the workload, time, and headache associated with structuring and implementing sustainable blueprints from scratch.

In an effort to expedite and compound support for the overall goal of taking the proprietary variables out of sustainable construction and development, SAC has developed a process for all qualified entities to use as a guide and implementation tool to create and reach all of their budget saving, low impact, energy reducing, sustainability goals.

Tribal and Native Entities

We specialize in creating energy infrastructure, energy independence, and energy income for Tribal entities. Internal tribal income is created through grants and loan guarantees that are provided by various entities; most notably, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Sustainability Advisors is able to turn any federally organized tribe into its own tribal utility. Or at minimum, put them on the most optimal path to energy independence.

No capital is required from the tribe as Sustainability Advisors is a Public Benefit Corporation and creating energy independence through tribal sovereign energy (as the overall ‘public benefit’) is at the core of our business model.

By merging relationships with the top metropolitan Research Universities with federally organized Tribes (and Tribal Utilities), the collaboration for inner-tribal and non-tribal commerce through methods of electricity, water, land, labor force, tribal sovereignty, and tax exempt status are being leveraged to create robust revenue streams for qualifying tribal organizations.


Dream city church

Solar energy project in Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Dream City Project
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Arizona Dream City Project
Arizona Dream City Project



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